Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Absurd Truth

So what do the two articles below have in common (other than being on Salon)?


Isn't there so much more to this culture than just the thin sliver this article chose to focus on? for instance would we really be seeing the changes in human rights for the LGBT community  now, if it weren't for the past 20 years that created this "normcore" culture?


So Salon is a bit of a liberal echo chamber but I can't help that I happen to also like most of the subjects that they choose to focus on too, and of course what Atheist isn't loving Neil right now? but no what I think these two articles are underscoring without meaning to is what they really have in common.  There is an inherent hilarious discordant part of our culture that refuses to step back and look at itself.  A refusal to be objective. A denial of even a need for objectivity.  It is both hilarious and saddening at times, but humor is often both painful truth as well as hilarious absurdity simultaneously.

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