Friday, June 13, 2014

Atheist Weigh of Life

Atheist Weigh of Life
So I weighed myself the other day, as is my habit and the habit of many in our day an age, and I do it consistently, usually right before I get in the shower. Consistency is good right? After all good scientific research relies on methodical repetition in order to get data that can be relied upon. So there I was yawning and I looked at the number (which I’m not going to share, so don’t even ask!!), then I realized I’d forgotten to take off my socks. (Of course I weigh myself in the nude – really! I’m after my weight not the weight of my clothes.)
So I take off my socks and get back on the scale, to find I now weigh 1 lb. more.
Hooray! I have socks with negative weight!
or just possibly my scale sucks.

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