Friday, September 5, 2014

Acting as Primate?

Please don’t mistake me, I’m only a synecdoche. . .

This doesn’t seem like it really should be necessary but here goes – I am only human and anything I say here, or share, any references or annotations I include, are not meant to be the sum of all knowledge to be found on said subjects. I am not a “professional” a “Subject Matter Expert” or any other type of “Authority”. So that being said, any annotations I do provide should of course be taken as only a first step. A beginning in getting your own take on a subject I’m posting about. Another words, don’t take my word for anything, do the research yourself, - educate yourself. Don’t accept anything I say as Gospel/Fact/Truth without verifying it yourself. If you do decide to skip verifying, don’t blame me if you embarrass yourself.

That being said, I am of course also no more typical of today’s Atheist than any other pea in a pod might be of all vegetables. And though I might quip that I’m 98% chimp that doesn’t mean that I think I’m a good representative example of all primates*. Though I might be an adequate example of Homo Sapiens.
(*If Alien Abduction is really happening who knows what Aliens might be looking for, maybe to an Alien I would be a good example of a primate – to them I’m sure both would be considered “Earthlings” … I can’t help but remember some old joke I’d heard years ago- Aliens: “We’ve been anal probing earthlings for 75 cycles now, and the only conclusion we’ve come to is that 1 in 4 don’t seem to mind.” (Wish I could remember whose joke it was, since my memory has probably changed it a bit, I’ll have a tough time searching.))

As for any instances where I’m wrong? Well I’ll own that, - I did say I’m only human. You should have known what you were getting into from the start, I mean, you’re on the Internet!? What were you thinking? Did you think just cuz something’s written down that must mean it’s a fact!? There’s lots of bound pieces of shite called books too, some of them are probably useful, truth filled, but how do you know? All it takes is money/resources to “publish” a book. It could say anything in there, like that all women are descended from one woman who was made out of a piece of some guy’s rib cage. . . 

Now all that being said, I do try to annotate with at least something, or I at least spend a couple of minutes and do a google search. If you dispute something I say here, sure I might well correct myself, it depends on your references, your argument. The sad fact is just about everything we know we learned from someone else, who learned it from someone else etc. Yes there are some things you can discover for yourself by doing the experiments yourself, but where did the idea for your experiment come from? What foundational idea is your experiment tied to? Science is a string of learning in human history, and it can be severed. A library burning in Alexandria, a promising mind burnt at the stake, a mind warped at an early age by religion and abuse instead of developing normally, all these are potential strings of knowledge that could have woven new discoveries into our history but were instead severed, so we’ll never know. Who knows if that Library hadn’t been burnt then maybe we’d be further along in the medical sciences and already have a cure for breast cancer or maybe all cancer.

Who knows what might come of things we say and do today? Who knows what might have come or might have been? A child of molestation might be so traumatized that they never develop their full potential and they might have otherwise gone on to be the most ground breaking mind in Physics the world has seen yet. We just don’t know. Something I write here might inspire you to educate yourself on a subject you’d never considered learning about before – if that’s the case then I have succeeded in some small way in making the world a better, brighter place.

Nobody knows precise out comes, only probabilities are possible when predicting the future even using science and the repetition of experiments for retrieving comparable data there’s always doubt. Did we set it up right? If something is different then, what changed? Sometimes it leads to new discoveries.
For here I try to use references and you may have noticed I use Wikipedia links quite a bit. That is because I trust Wikipedia more than most websites, but this isn’t Wikipedia and I just don’t have time and money to be as precise in my presentation of references as Wikipedia, so I ask your forgiveness and understanding. I ask you to take responsibility for your own mind and what you choose to believe. I ask you to develop your own means of filtration and verification for not just here, but everywhere.

So I will not do all the work for you. If you want to learn more, you can. Remember an educated person is just someone who has learned how to use a library and then spent some time reading and thinking.
Also, I will not define all words – I figure if you don’t know them then you’ll spend 30 seconds to look them up and thank me later for expanding your vocabulary. If you don’t want to learn?, then I’m not sure what to say to you , . . . good luck!?

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