Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In Memory of the loss of Life in Jonestown Nov 18 1978


I remember when this happened.  I was just a kid and it was a chilling sight and news that I wish we'd talked about more, but I was probably too young for that talk.  Or my parents didn't want to deal with such a tough subject.

Cults are no joke and I'm not joking around.  If you can't leave your religion you may be in a cult: http://culteducation.com/help.html

Get Help if you can.

Now I may be an Atheist but that doesn't mean I equate all religions with cults.  Hyperbole aside, most religions and most religious people are not going to make you drink poisoned kool-aid, but that doesn't mean they aren't unhealthy in their own ways.
Your health, your decision.

Cults are a different matter altogether.  In a Cult your health is not your decision - it's the decision of your religious leader(s).

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