Thursday, January 15, 2015

We can choose to be good to each other

In the northern hemisphere January is often the most depressing month of the year.  What will you do to make it better for yourself, or for someone else?  Will we find a way to get through the most depressing time of the year? and is knowing that spring comes enough?

Some people have faith in God, others choose to have faith in each other:

 Will you choose to have faith in humanity? will you be the reason someone else has their faith in humanity restored?

The Good is that which leads to health, The Right is that which leads to
peace. Purpose is ours to choose, Meaning is the story we choose to join.
We are all members of Darwin's family, all kin from the beginning of life.
If you value anything, value other humans, for they are the only help you
will have in times of trouble. The Godless Universe is vast and wondrous,
and more than enough. We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful
of the night.

[John Hodges, 1999] - from quote file on

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