Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Thought

Whether it has pagan or religious roots, I happen to love the fun of Halloween.  There is one small fly in my ointment for Halloween however, and that is the penchant for most of the costumes for women to be all whored up.  Now I understand that these costumes may be doing double duty later on in bedrooms across the US, but should this be trending into tween's costumes too?

Ok maybe I'm too sensitive but this reminds me too much of the tween and younger pageants - and what is the value to those kids again?  What do they get for all their effort? What lesson do they learn from those competitions?  It says something about what we value if nothing else, and science isn't what we value.  A young girls competition for the best science project will probably never get the press that these pageants get or a reality tv show either.  Pageants do though, so what does that tell you about what we value?

So not to sound like a conservative dress nazi, but where do we decide the line between fun and inappropriate lies for halloween costumes?  And do you want to even think about how bad it could get?  Are you shocked that an Atheist thinks about these things too?

And for another related subject
to the body image issues for little girls how about those Bratz dolls and other fashion dolls like them?
Notice anything similar between those two pics?  Not sure what to call it? It's the come hither poses.

Now I'm not suggesting that there isn't any difference between these images and that of say a pin up girl. . .   There certainly is, but some might say the only difference is just a few more layers of clothing and the poses are less provocative.  Go ahead, do your own google image search, (I'm trying to maintain a less than x rated blog here so you're going to have to step up), and while you're at it do one for the female form in Renaissance Art.

Example art reworked by todays standards of beauty:

So I guess the remaining question I'd like to ask is why are we sexualizing youth?  ok when haven't we as a species?  When you take into account Neoteny:, then you find you suddenly start to feel a little dirty mentally.  I didn't know evolution could make me feel that way, . . .damn!


-----sooner or later in life, you find a fine line is the most important of lines-----

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