Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Incongruously Definitively Obligated

Oy vey!, so I have to define what an Atheist is for you? 

Fine, for some excellent definitions go here: 
I tend to think of anyone who says they’re Atheist as meaning that they are not believing in God but it just means a lack of belief in God or Gods. Now that may seem a bit weird and not terribly helpful delineation, but the critical bit is the “lack of belief” vs actively believing that Gods don’t exist. 
He makes a very good point.

Many Atheists just quietly go about their lives not talking about God, not acknowledging their status as atheists because they don’t have belief in one or many Gods. This doesn’t mean they’re agnostic, though they might define themselves that way just to avoid the stigma that seems attached to the term “Atheist” but it does mean that they lack belief, (or for the religious – faith). 

Now this means that the only people who don’t have a little bit of Atheism in them, are those crazy folks who manage to believe in all gods at the same time (I haven’t met one and don’t anticipate that I will). Those folks believe in all the pagan gods of Zeus, Aphrodite, Loki, Thor, Isis, Amen’Ra etc. etc. as well as believing in all the flavors of the Abrahamic religions, and any other gods you could name. So which ones don’t you believe in? (no that doesn’t make them Pantheists – that’s something else, so go look it up.)

Yep, if you’ve chosen a faith and excluded all the other beliefs as false, then you have a little bit of Atheism in you. So I guess the question is? Are you okay with your lack of belief in those other gods?, with having a little bit of Atheism in you? Or do you now believe you’re going to start eating babies? Or are you now a tool of Satan!!! Or is that little bit of Atheism in you trying to get out? Maybe it’ll come out like a chest bursting alien. . . yuk! Truly, you should be careful what you choose to believe.

Atheists just take it one step further and they have a lack of belief in any gods, even yours. They may have many reasons for this lack of belief and of course there are some who believe that there are no Gods at all, and that the mysteries yet remaining in our natural world are simply not yet explained by science, that we all just have a lack of knowledge. There is no proof yet of either the existence of God, or the nonexistence of God, but there is a preponderance of evidence mounting against the existence of God, and if a God does exist, it’ll be nothing like what has heretofore been imagined by human beings.

It will have about as much interest in Earth as you have in the bacteria on that dandylion over there. And I daresay it will have even less interest in one particular person’s needs vs. another’s so your prayers to win the lottery? Or to get that job? If it makes you feel better sure, but the “god” you hear listening and acting in your life, is you. If you got anywhere in life, if you won or earned anything it was from your own hard work or that of others in your life helping you. Remember that and thank them and yourself.

Now I suppose you want me to prove that there’s more evidence for the non-existence of God then for his existence? So where’s your peer reviewed experiments that prove the existence of God? (and when I say peer reviewed, I don’t mean some creationist stooge friends of yours who also believe in God and will slap their name and lack of reputation on any bit of BS that thinks it’s shiney enough to pass as science.)

While you’re working on that, take a look at any branch of science you like and you’ll soon find evidence that either refutes or raises questions about the likelihood of God and the many ridiculous claims of the Religions. Really, any branch at all.

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