Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby -Corporation with religious rights

Hobby Lobby  ---

So, I don't think there's any doubt that SCOTUS and their ruling yesterday have underscored just where we are in this country.  Has anyone got any doubt still? where we're on our way back to?  You may think I'm just being a nervous nelly but where exactly do you think tyranny begins?  We've got a court that has already deemed Corporations as people, that their money is speech and now that a Corporation has religious rights, and those rights are not just more important than the rights of any single individual who works for that Corporation, but particularly more important than a woman's right to choose whether to be pregnant or not. 

A Corporation with religious rights. 

Yes I realize I'm employing a little bit of hyperbole here to say that they have handed Corporation's religious rights, but get this, it's not just that they've given those rights to a corporation, they've stipulated that it's only for matters of birth control.  Religious employers who also object to any healthcare, vaccines, or blood transfusions? Fuck them, it's just one particular flavor of religious rights being respected here - Catholic religious beliefs that "every sperm is sacred!"

This ruling has made us all a little less free here in the US.

This has opened the door to so much fuckwadery. (no that's not a technical term)  Now we'll see other
religious leaning corporations attempt the same ploy to get out of providing whatever they don't like about whatever law of the land they object to.  Think the fight for gay (LGBT) human rights is on the downslope? think again.  Think Civil Rights is a war long over?, think again.  When the state gives over such a decision based on religious objections to those who have so much power over an individuals financial freedom and future, then the state has just allowed itself to be turned into a proselytizing tool for that religion.  And we're all one step closer to living in company towns with blue law tyranny.

Yes company towns.  I hear a lot of entitled smack talk about how an individual who doesn't like this company's policies doesn't' have to work for them.  If they went on the hook / borrowed money lately to pay for necessary things like a car or home or anything needed for their current children/family and jobs are scarce, do you think those folks will feel that they have a lot of choice?  If they took advantage of an education benefit to get their college bills paid in part or any education/loan from the company? Do you think they would've done that if they could just pay for it themselves? Do you think it is going to be so easy for such a person to come up with the out of pocket fuck you money for a company that has proven to be of a selfish hypocritical flavor?  Do you believe they shouldn't have tried to get an education, to better themselves if they couldn't afford it on their own?  Do you also believe that rich people got that way without the help of other people?

Get your judgmental tongues off of other peoples financial situations, you don't know shit about living in a tent city of homeless people struggling from day to day.  You haven't a clue just how lucky you are, until you find you ain't as lucky as you thought!

Company towns used to have a sort of well meaning paternalistic over tone to them, but if you found yourself living in one and unable to afford to move away, then you'd get to endure whatever BS they decided was for your own good.  You definitely wouldn't be free.  WAKE UP America! this is where you're headed! and freedom was never free.

If you have even a spec of extra money, send a donation to your favorite humanist or secular organization to help in this fight against religious and oligarchical tyranny.  My favorite is the Freedom from Religion Foundation:  http://ffrf.org/   but choose as you will.  Don't wait for them to do all the work though, write your congressman.  To find out their contact info go here: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?

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