Friday, July 18, 2014


“Smile, God Loves you”

How arrogant must one be to say this to someone? The religious twat who says this is presuming to know that person well enough to know their moods, and that they have the slightest right to order someone to change that mood or to paint their face with a sycophantic smile just to be polite to the twat who’s certain that their sense of what’s right and wrong in the world is supreme over all other ideas.
Then they must also be presumptuous enough to believe that the recipient of their order is a religious person who believes in some similar invisible friend commonly called “God”, or they are counting it towards their quota of people that they’ve proselytized to in the name of expanding their particular flock. 

(The backhanded compliment of this being that they want the recipient to be a member of that flock, and yet it’s an incredibly self-serving indicator of insecurity because the larger that flock the more emotionally secure they are in the “truth” of their belief, but it doesn’t matter if the recipient of the order becomes a member of the flock because the order assumes on some level that the recipient already is a part of the same flock.)

When it's a man saying it to a woman, the insult goes even deeper because it stinks of that presumption Men often have, that they can order* women to change their bodies and mood just to suit the speaker's whim.  Talk about Masculine entitlement!

Best answer when someone says this? Here’s a few examples I came up with:

  • “Which God? There are so many.”
  • “Yeah well, Zeus seems to love everyone, or at least he loves to seduce folks.”
  • “yep, you should smile too because Satan also Loves You!”
  • “Sure I’m nummy. I bet Cthulhu would love me with a side of Fries!”
  • “I’m an atheist so your assumption that I’m not happy just because I’m not always smiling is doubly insulting, but I suspect by ordering me to smile, you really mean to tell yourself to be happy because you believe God loves you and naturally you think that should be enough to make anyone happy, but that makes me sad for you because it suggests to me that despite your belief you are in fact not as happy as you would like to be. Maybe you should look into why.”

(*and they expect to be obeyed! this is the reason women are called bitches, call that dog to heel, etc.)

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