Friday, July 4, 2014

Patriotism has a Riot in the middle

Enjoy the 4th & BBQ, Fireworks and Friends, but

Beware of Patriotism
or any “ism” really. Not that I’m saying freedom is free. No, history has shown us repeatedly that give some people a chance and they’ll dictate to you just what you can say, who you can marry, even how you choose to have sex, and of course what to think about everything. If you’re in fear for your liberty, life and health when you choose to express an opinion, or when you speak at all, then you’re not in a free country. No country, no matter how valued, how worthy, should expect its citizens to give up their right to think their own thoughts and express them as well. Such a country does not deserve your patriotism, though you may find yourself serving anyway. If it truly is a dictatorship, then you may find you have no choice.
Those who have risked their lives in war for us deserve to know they are respected and they deserve the same rights and benefits that the people they fought for enjoy. No matter what delusions or BS you might hear from their mouths. That being said, remember what the fireworks represent – bombs, and a rain of fire for destroying the people we’ve declared as our enemies.

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